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Video posted by: Mikl333

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Comments & Feedback on "High Stakes Poker"

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23 Responses to “High Stakes Poker”

  1. viktortje007 Says:

    That’s not a n00b question, it was a guess by Gus, worked out good

    I would have bet 10.000 or something I guess

  2. maverick916 Says:

    but its easy for us to say it seeing. when your in the middle of a hand, your thinking differently. you would not lay it down. your an idiot

  3. McBrainsen Says:

    Noob question:

    Why did Gus check the river?

    Can he be THAT sure, that Negreanu thinks that he has the best hand himself?

    Why shouldn’t he bet, maybe 1/2 Pot Size?

  4. bulldawgs952 Says:

    hey idiot. You think gus would have made that play with a straight??? Wow lol u are a fucking idiot. The only thing Gus would have made that play with was a hand which would have had daniels beat. You are an idiot. We can talk poker all day and you wouldnt even compare to my knowledge buddy. and dont tell me to f my mother becuz she died a month ago on her birthday. so just shut it b4 u make me

  5. crackcolin Says:

    no. 85,95,65 would give him 5’s full, Daniel had 6’s full. The only hands that could beat him were 99,88,or 55.

    And anybody who says you would lay down a boat against gus hansen, you are idiots.

  6. PresidentMugabe1990 Says:

    shut up u stupid cunt u dont fold a fuckin full house i didnt say he check raise with nothing did i, daniel culda put him on a straight or a full house even a lower full house so fuck ur mother u dumb prick

  7. arno7777777 Says:

    how about 8 5 ?
    Other hands he can beat are 9 5 and 6 5 !

  8. willemrules Says:

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  9. bulldawgs952 Says:

    Understand my point?

  10. bulldawgs952 Says:

    Yes 70% of the time I would and for one reason only- Gus would not have made that play on a bluff or marginal hand. Think about it… If you were in Daniel’s shoes what would you put Gus on? and if you say you would put him on anything less than a Fullhouse you don’t know anything about poker.

  11. kbry118 Says:

    1st off these guys don’t give off too many physical tells, especially Gus and Daniel. Daniel will talk a lot to receive and also give away info, but not the point. IMO Gus represented 87 b/c of the call to Daniel’s preflop raise. He also played the flop like 87 (the nuts) and his check-raise on the river seemed like a scared straight (B/C of the 8). Great hand and only my opinion.

  12. bulldawgs952 Says:

    that fuck ur own face part is a quote from best movie ever ____tropic thunda!!! yea a a aboyyyya

  13. bulldawgs952 Says:

    stfu u dont know shit about poker. You are an idiot. the way gus played that hand made it obvious he had negraunu beat. The check raise all in gave his hand away. No one check raises all in 200K with nothing. Dis regard the facial expressions comment i made. Ur a fucking faggot who doesnt know shit about poker. Quit acting like anyone cares about ur stupid remarks. just wasting every ones time. do us all a favor and litterally fuck ur own face.

  14. maverick916 Says:

    your tellin me you would have laid it down? if you say yes your lying.

  15. PresidentMugabe1990 Says:

    haha gus was taking the piss at the end

  16. PresidentMugabe1990 Says:

    checks on the river too!!!!! what a play

  17. PresidentMugabe1990 Says:

    4% on the flop that gus was gonna win that hand lol

  18. PresidentMugabe1990 Says:

    facial expressions?? ur only saying that bcoz u can see the hand, negreanu cant.. besides u dont fold a full house .. he may have guessed he had it but he didnt no for sure

  19. bulldawgs952 Says:

    no one cares.

  20. bulldawgs952 Says:

    No you dont know that for sure, thats just Gabe’s guess…You dont know what he put gus on. He MAY have put gus on a 7 5 until the river of course because gus would not have made that play with a 7 5. Gus would not have made that last play on the river unless he hand a spectacular hand and thats a fact, unless he made the sickest bluff ever!lol. If Daniel had realized this he would have mucked and saved a near $300K.

  21. renob0y Says:

    wat are you on about, daniel was putting him on 7,5 most likely

  22. Gebonner Says:

    Great commentary!

  23. bulldawgs952 Says:

    I think daniel is one of the best players in the world but he miss played that hand terribly. The way gus acted, his facial expressions, and his betting patterns gave away his hand. In the end the only thing daniel could have beat was a bluff, and it was obvious that Gus was not bluffing, very rarely do people check-raise all in on a bluff…

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