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James Bond is all-in (last poker hand in Casino Royale)

Probably the hardest poker game ever played. Enjoy!

Video posted by: wictoriawi

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Comments & Feedback on "James Bond is all-in (last poker hand in Casino Royale)"

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22 Responses to “James Bond is all-in (last poker hand in Casino Royale)”

  1. drekmoorasdaw Says:

    Bond never had a royal straight flush, he had a straight flush, 4 to the 8 in spades.

  2. kundimaharaj Says:

    its called a royal flush…. highest you can ever get

  3. kundimaharaj Says:

    dude have you ever played poker? its when you put the others in a sense of security to raise but you actually have the best cards, well played from my point of view.

  4. getduloh Says:

    without a doubt the most ridiculous poker scene in movie history

  5. Fip101 Says:

    wtf check check check check check check all in all in all in… worst players ever

  6. santiagorobinho Says:

    1st guy had the best possible flush, short stacked with half his chips already in the pot. not that unreasonable to gamble all in.

  7. izquemia Says:


    jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeah!!

  8. nikhizzle1515 Says:

    He already had the straight flush on the turn… The last card didn’t do anything for his hand.

  9. leftyman626 Says:

    A pro like you? LOL

  10. alain1986 Says:

    lol this is so stupid

  11. Detective313 Says:

    these “actors” are so bad at acting as poker players. the first 2 players who revealed there hand would not turn over their cards thinking they have the best hand with a big grin on their faces, after 2 players re-raised all in for an extra 35 million. they should have spoken to some professional players on tips of how to act

  12. bsrj22 Says:

    I thought that logo was photoshoped lol.

  13. nctr90 Says:

    there was no risk on that… there were no chances of a higher hand… he knew he had win

  14. LeavesNoTrace Says:

    Also… he’s James Bond.

  15. LeavesNoTrace Says:

    Cos if you look he got options on the flop then the straight flush on the turn card before the big bets. Not even 4 of a kind could have beaten him.

  16. LeavesNoTrace Says:

    Oh shut up.

  17. Ariadoost Says:

    Daniel Craig doesn´t look like a James Bond. He looks like a russian KILLER!


    lolo heh xD

  19. oyehhhhh Says:

    flush…full house…full house…straight flush

    flush AKQ…full house 8’s over Aces…full house…Aces over 6’s…straight flush 8 high.

  20. Colman91 Says:

    nice little touch at the end..

  21. fluke67 Says:

    coz he had a straight flush draw, he had to take a risk

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