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Poker highlights 2

Poker highlights 2. 2 sick clips with pham in the lead role. Enjoy:)

Video posted by: Obsequix

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Comments & Feedback on "Poker highlights 2"

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18 Responses to “Poker highlights 2”

  1. MuseManMike Says:

    pham is a fucking donk. i hate players like him.

  2. thirty6min Says:

    Love this, both Rick Zilem and Joe Hachem were turned into bitches. Zilem sobbed that he got no respect and Hachem begged the dealer to be “good to me” while holding an over pair.
    We need more gutsy players like Pham on the circuit to expose the wimps.
    Go all-in, you Nguyen’s, Tran’s, Pham’s!!!Nothing to hold you back if the ocean could not.

  3. wiseguy1989xx Says:

    If your a great player you’ll know why Kido called, and it wasnt coz he was on Flush draw was something else

  4. unbjames Says:

    What a luckbox….!

  5. maximarisio Says:

    ahhaha retard

  6. Hahn1701 Says:

    thats gambling i guess, people can call with whatever they want……

  7. bbstone Says:

    cardsharp dvd shows how dealers can cheat with false shuffles and trick deals

  8. xmentosx Says:

    sick… stupid play… gets lucky… ooh well, i see it happen all the time

  9. bookieko Says:

    dude, i mean the “nuts” ballz

  10. krispyrice1 Says:

    it wasnt the nuts shithead

  11. naiki4sparta Says:

    kido pham is pissing me off everytime i see him playing, just always stupid agression

  12. Encl0suRe Says:

    I agree with you, you have to take risks sometimes. But there are better hands than J10 to take risks after such a big reraise 🙂

  13. Encl0suRe Says:

    The reraise from pham is acceptable, but the all in call is not.

  14. bookieko Says:

    that flush draw guy has the “nuts” to make that call. thats why he made the real nuts.

  15. dagzey Says:

    not river

  16. Blunderdome Says:

    ^ just a link to some kid making an ass of himself

  17. SlutSmasher66 Says:

    jennifer harman- ‘i dont like nicknames’

    for some reason she really annoys me

  18. pabloernesto19 Says:

    Kido Pham, if you are reading this: You are a terrible player with lot of luck. DONKIE, LUCK BOX

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