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Should i go to my friends strip poker party?

Well its unofficial todav? To, but? L think your parents will be gone. So he 's planning a party of p? Ker strip. Habr? girls in their case the question. But I have no idea c? Play mo p? Ker. ? But I go anyway?

Posted by: AHHHHH

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Comments & Feedback on "Should i go to my friends strip poker party?"

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17 Responses to “Should i go to my friends strip poker party?”

  1. TwoDot C Says:

    Website content

    Ya dude thats when you just walk in there naked and see how it goes.

  2. mikeysquez Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    yes, just come dressed as a hockey goalie. That should give you some extra time to get better at the game.
    Also, the type of girls who come to a strip poker game are the type to give it up, so you should definitely go.

  3. Hot Momma Says:

    I hope his parents are gone, because i don’t think you want to play strip poker with his mom and dad…..Yuck

  4. $exual cargo Says:

    Yah go and like everyone will be focusin on poker. Wow so this is like a sex party. Hhhmmmm. Ok go! Make sure girls aretheir though and hot ones. No chunky monkeys. No offense to anyone out their.

  5. Kael M Says:

    Create a video blog

    sounds fun, unless it turns into a sausage fest

  6. Rahmi Says:

    Then only wear one layer of clothing. The ‘loser’ is often the WINNER!
    My lady and I played strip poker with another couple and one thing led to another. Great way to pass boring winter nights on an island in the Mediterranean.

  7. Jon N Says:

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    Worked for me.

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