1. Varkonyi is the best poker player of all time. The only person that comes close is Jerry Yang. In the words the immortal Yang, “WUN MILYIN.”

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  3. I find that if someone fires the shots at you flop turn and river that they almost always have the hand.But if some one check calls the flop and turn than fires on the river when it looks like no draw got there its almost always a bluff…I think I just gave away to much to the fish lol.

  4. your right on, in my experience most people bluff on the river, so if you believe you have the best hand by the turn you should be suspicious of any bet on the river.

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  7. the thing is that with the q and the k at the table it was hard to call in.so that wasn’t a hard bluff.

  8. Wow. Did he just push Scotty off a middle pair? That’s virtually impossible to do, middle pair is the second best hand in poker.

  9. dude, u need to have some balls to put 600 grand on the line with less than nothin in ur hand

  10. played the shit he had well then but u can tell he’s not as good as scotty cus he got caught hands later

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