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How to play: Texas Holdem Poker

College project – April ’07
Corporate video production
Complete beginners guide to Poker

Filmed, produced, and edited by me..
Constructive criticism welcome.

Good Game Productions

Video posted by: pnoize

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Comments & Feedback on "How to play: Texas Holdem Poker"

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19 Responses to “How to play: Texas Holdem Poker”

  1. jamiec94 Says:

    nice 1 helped me alot !!

  2. jagarn7 Says:

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  3. fejic Says:

    good video but the music in the background is very stupid

  4. jokerman2121 Says:

    i still dont get it

  5. Omid45 Says:

    What do you mean? that happens a lot in poker. If you don’t like your hand, you fold so that you don’t have to call, and put the “big blind” in order to see the flop. It’s never free to see the flop. Only the small, and big have to pay, the rest don’t have to if they don’t like their cards, they can simply fold, and not pay anything. For example if i get 2 and 4 “off suited”, and i’m no small, nor big blind, i’ll fold even before flop because i don’t want to call the min. to even see the flop.

  6. rotinginhell Says:

    lol dude you should say i thrashed my dad, i nailed my dad sounds kinda… never mind

  7. killla192 Says:

    thanks for hlep me

  8. crispt9 Says:

    You are new but you are certainly right =) even with a very bad couple of cards you can actually make a good play…

  9. pyroinc Says:

    nice work that helped alot.

  10. Evelynmarie2009 Says:

    I still don’t understand, but some helped so thank you :]

  11. krta1111454545 Says:

    Wow!it really works.I nailed my dad

  12. MakeThatCashDude Says:

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  13. pineappleexp123 Says:

    Personally I would like to review this again, since it really helps me a lot to know how the people play their hands.

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  14. JamezTrizzang Says:

    Why would the girl fold at the very beginning of the game when she still has all of her money and she has not seen any of the flop cards yet? Lol i didn’t understand that….sry i am new haha.

  15. JadeDragon007 Says:

    that dude who won started to jerk off lol

  16. xBlared Says:

    Thanks! It helped me learn Texas Hold’em. i always dropped out when my friends wanted to play, now i can join em! =]


  17. bunsterbun Says:

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  18. xBlaKOuTx95 Says:

    i wanna get duhh bullet proof bently for mafia wars lol !

  19. henrynaruto9 Says:

    im trying to get this for mafia wars 😀 lol

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