How to Shuffle Poker Chips Like a Poker Pro

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Learn how to shuffle poker chips like the poker pros. A how to video that will have you shuffling poker chips in no time.

Produced by Wrestling Ferret Productions

Video posted by: WFproductions


  1. I watched this video and i was able to stack up to as many as 9 chips (which makes a total of 18) each consistently. Great instructional video!

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  4. shuffling chips is an intimidation tool used by idiots who CANT play poker well. usually performed by asians who rely on the river.

  5. i’m getting addicted to chips :I
    Have learned this trick in 30 minutes 90% flawless, and now i can’t stop:\ Just one of those cool things u do like: juggling with a football(i can do that too), riding on 1 wheel on a bike (can’t do that), and others like smoke rings, paper folding(origami) and hustler tricks:D I LOVE TRICKS (L)
    I want to learn them all, anyone know a good site?

  6. thank you for vid but when you can shuffle chips you know you got a gambling problem 😛 i have one but i cant shuffle chips :[ THANK YOU!

  7. You shuffle them cuz it just looks cool at the table. Also a nice way to release tension during a pressure moment.

    However, I believe it’s suppose to be easier with real clay chips, but maybe I’m just blaming these “made in china” composite chips for my shuffling short-comings.

  8. why do you shuffle them? are they still them same or is that nessasery for poker?

  9. Great video. Just got chips two days ago and yesterday it ‘clicked’ and i’m up to ten total, five each stack. The biggest part is to use the chips to get the new ‘edge’ off cause when I used different chips it didn’t work as well. Went back to the ones i had cleaned the burrs off and they work great. Just a suggestion if you’re not getting it.

  10. i used to hold the chips quite similer but ur way is mucher better and easier thanks!.

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