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Poker Superstars Interviews Doyle Brunson

An interview with the big daddy of the bat. 🙂

Video posted by: Leprosina

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Comments & Feedback on "Poker Superstars Interviews Doyle Brunson"

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23 Responses to “Poker Superstars Interviews Doyle Brunson”

  1. mav4687 Says:

    rooz u must be the dumbest person alive!!!

  2. roozbeh12 Says:

    I thought he was an so he is real poker player.

  3. laurenthou Says:

    he is not dead !!

  4. ralieghTsakers Says:


  5. rf888 Says:

    Doyle is the mack

  6. johnppsal Says:


  7. highonbetter Says:

    on my death bed i shall never tell. Doyle and barry greenstein are 2 of my hero’s. i look upto them.they teach us so much.i’m glad theres poker players with such class out there like them.i know guys in home games who hit each other with beer bottles and 911 has to be called over pots.but barry can lose a half million dollar pot and not flinch.they show us how the game should be played.

  8. midus320 Says:

    he folded aces full? wtf?

  9. kkriSSStaa Says:

    The natural talant – a real poker superstar not like 18yearolds how after winning some internet games think they have it! I love to watch him play, he takes his time and is so natural at having a real poker face at any tomes.

  10. JesusChristkkk Says:

    He has seen it all. It’s scary how natural talents like Doyle just gets better every day. By far one of my favorite players.

  11. RileyRileyRiley1 Says:

    hahaha doyle what a legend…

  12. cdltpx Says:

    Who runs this poker game I would have had to say you do I definitely can’t beat your hand best opening pair I have seen all night.

  13. ChipChatPoker Says:

    great vid……dont blamem…the guy in the green shirt…dont blame him at all……

  14. powmia21 Says:

    I love the part when he talks about the guy with the green shirt! Classic

  15. pabface Says:

    All the Poker Superstars Interviews here are awesome. They really captured the personalities well.

    A A A A

  16. pabface Says:

    All the Poker Superstars Interviews here are awesome. They really captured the personalities well.

    A A A A

  17. MufcMikey Says:

    you gotta love how old school doyle is.
    i need to get 1 of his hats aswell

  18. Wallebille Says:

    Hey! C’mon! Give us some gossip:-)

    What did your pops say? 🙂

  19. DuctapePenguin Says:

    thats one of them fireplaces with the fake logs

  20. highonbetter Says:

    My grandfather knew Doyle from Texas,and has played with him . i love doyle so i wont say what my grandfather said about him.Lol

  21. MrPokerManN Says:


  22. ppripoff Says:

    i beleive doyle to be the true legend of poker he would have to be the most respectable poker player ive seen

  23. Campanini4 Says:

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