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The Visitors Poker Shot

“The Visitors Poker Shot” by aaronbennett27
This is a promo shot from a shoot with a Portsmouth Americana/Indie group called The Visitors check out their Myspace here.

I didn’t intend to do a shot like this but as i was leaving for the shoot i saw a few packs of cards on my pc tower. Why? you may ask? Because i have been learning card tricks, lol.So i pick them up and I thought I might have a go at a Poker Shot. I ‘m so glad i did because it work so well. I love it the band are stoked with it. So i thought i would share. 🙂

Strobist info. A gm400 using a 22inch beauty and sock diffuser at 1/16 power held right above the group like a ceiling lamp.

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  1. Poker Editorial Says:

    Very interesting article, I am a big fan of poker and magic so to see the two combine is fascinating. However, there are very strict laws on the use of card tricks when playing poker in professional tournaments so it should not inspire amateurs to attempt such stunts. I look forward to reading any more information you have on ‘The Visitors’ in the future.

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