No Risk Poker Guide

No Risk Poker Guide

5 Tips for anyone interested in No Risk Poker! Freerolls explained below!

What if you could put a bet on your favourite sports team every week for free but still have the same chance of winning real money as if you had paid for your bet… that would be good news right!

Novice’s Guide to play No Risk Poker

Then how about doing that playing Poker, play to win real money without risking a penny of your own! Well, now the even better news is… you can. Poker Freeroll tournaments let you join the play without putting up a stake. Check out our top 5 tips for understanding and playing in freeroll tournaments.

What is a Poker Freeroll

1. A freeroll works like a normal Poker tournament except the prize pool is made up of contributions from the ‘house’ or a sponsor instead of the entry fees. Because of this they are Free to enter, but there is still a cash prize.

2. Freerolls at online Poker sites can sometimes require a number of loyalty points to enter, however there are plenty that can be entered by anyone.

3. Prizes in Freeroll tournaments are not limited to just cash, they can also include qualification to higher value tournaments.

4. Freerolls are perfect for beginners, they offer the perfect chance to play for real money with no risk. This is especially important as ‘play money’ games tend to be played with a different style so don’t always offer a realistic practice environment.

5. To find yourself lots of freeroll tournaments to play, practice on and hopefully win it is advantageous to be a member of a few different trusted online poker rooms.