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Has poker got you overwhelmed? Need advice on how to play with the big players? Look no further! Your poker career starts here…

  1. Start playing with free practice money. This way, you won’t lose your shirt to the more experienced players, and you will get a feel for the game. You may then want to progress to the 25/50 cent tables.
  2. Read some good Poker books. . There are many concepts that must be mastered to become a successful poker player. Once you have studied the topic of poker, you will grow in confidence to have a go.
  3. Learn how to work out odds in your head for each hand taking in to consideration of all visible cards; that will give you a good advantage
  4. Practice more. Find somewhere to play regularly. There are great free poker games where you can play. Even better, find a group of friends to play with.
  5. Have fun! Understand that losing and bad beats are just part of the game. Be polite when someone gets lucky against you, and stay calm when you beat someone else. Remember, act like you have been there before and like it is no big deal.


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