Hosting a Poker Night at Home

Hosting a Poker Night at Home

Hosting the Perfect Home Poker Game: The Best Guide for Beginners and Experienced Players

Ok so the chips are on the table, the beers are in the fridge you have your finest pair of all black sunglasses on stand by… so, is that all the bases covered for your home poker game? Well no is the simple answer. Don’t worry though this article gives you all the info to help you on your way to having a fine night of poker.

What’s the Buy-In and what are the Stakes?

Ok this is the most important part of the whole evening. Get this wrong, and the night may turn sour very fast. Make sure you set your limits before you start and don’t change them. Keep it friendly; remember the idea is to have a good night not to make it so your mate Terry can’t pay the rent.

Set the blinds, amount of re-buys, and structure (limit, no-limit or pot limit) before you start. Make sure everyone is happy.

Equipment to Host a Poker Game

This sounds easy but trust me something will be forgotten if you don’t double check everything. You will at least need all the items on this list to make sure you have a decent game.

  • Cards x 2 decks minimum (one always gets damaged)
  • Pastillion x1 this goes at the bottom of the deck so no one knows or can see the bottom card.
  • Dealer button x 1

Chips: Now people if you have 8 players and every one is getting 1000 in starting value stacks. Break it down to 5×100 6×50 8×25 = 19 chips each or 152 chips in total. Most sets you can buy have at least 200 chips as a minimum and usually 4-5 colours. If you are having a re-buy game mark one colour as the same value as the same total as your starting stack of a 1000. This will greatly reduce the number of chips you need to play a re-buy.

How to Earn money Playing Poker

Keep your players happy – if you want to be seen as a good host, make sure that you keep the players happy with a few pizzas and a good stock of beer. As a host collect a small flat fee from each player at the start of the night to cover food and drinks and this is a good way to keep everyone happy while not shelling out too much of your own money. Remember that a happy poker player will often spend (lose hopefully) more money than an unhappy one.

Well I hope this help you host the perfect home game, until my next update take care of your selves and take care of you cash by having a look some of our trusted sites and win some money.