How can you claim your money back if a poker site closes your account?

How can you claim your money back if a poker site closes your account?

Stephen J asked:
If you despoit money into your poker account and win money but the poker team accuse you of cheating. Who can you contact to deal with this issue if the poker site does not want to open your account and return the money that you despoit and won??? Plus they are a internet base company?
Well i read reviews on sporting odds and it was very good indeed. They are accusing me of chip dumping. I’ve already contacted them and they said that i’m banned from playing poker on there site.
Is it possible to take illegal action. They also requested my passport, driving, and a statement. Now i’m scared they might commit fraud using my deletes. If you lot have any suggestion it would be most helpful cause i’ve never experienced this before.

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  1. Caffeinated Content

    I hope you did your research before making a deposit at this online poker site – and didn’t just some fly by night company with your financial information!

    Next time, be sure and read reviews from the people that know best — for poker players – by poker players — offers online poker and casino site reviews and allows you to submit comments, suggestions, etc that can also be sent to the customer service management team for the site.

    We work with all of our visitors anytime something comes up to do everything we can to assure their requests are promptly taken care of. Since we already have regular contact with the sites, it’s easier for us to get their attention should the need arise — we would never recommend a site we haven’t played at ourselves!

    Ok, that’s about enough typing for now – time to go and play some poker 😉 See you at the final table!


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