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How would you rate the poker play during the day on weekdays in casinos?

Its raining and im bored, and im in the mood for some poker. ive never played during a weekday, what type of players typically play from about 12-5 on weekdays? good/bad? im thinking maybe a lot of retired people?
or is it all weird addicts with no jobs?

Question asked by: mnvikes

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4 Responses to “Rate the poker play in casinos?”

  1. Mr. Luva Luva Says:

    I would agree with your analysis. You get a lot of retired folks, a much older crowd on average, but you also get the guys who play poker for a living. I have seen them both frequent poker rooms during the week.
    I personally love to go on the weekends and have much more success. I usually get the inexperienced college kid or people who are there to drink while gamble. The more they drink, the more their chips find a way into my stack.
    But you can do well during the week as well. It takes a little more patience and skill. Good luck!

  2. gungaroo Says:

    You get better older players who have been playing against each other for years. They are the guys to watch out for since they see the “fresh meat” at the table and work almost together to take your stack away.

    I’m sure there well be some “strange folk” at the place you play poker at also.

    Good Luck and may all your pots be monsters.

  3. sincity usa Says:

    It all depends on where you play, they can rate on any day or time from very good, to very bad. The time of the day does not matter, but for the most-part it is a lot of tourist and a few locals who play. I deal poker and i see no difference in the people who come out. The only thing is that there might not be as many people on a weekday in the early hours of the day, but the kind of people who play is the same.

  4. Zippy Says:

    The tourest are out in the weekday time to go fishing

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