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What is the most advanced poker book out there?

I feel like I don’t even have to read a book because I’m that good of a poker player so with that being said, can you recommend me with a great book that would provide me with valuable insights or new information that I may not know of.

I mostly play online no limit texas holdem poker. Usually at the sit-n-go tables and big tournaments.

Question posted by: KR_7752

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6 Responses to “Most advanced poker book”

  1. uplaypoker Says:

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    well i would say a very good book is “harrington on holdem expert stradegy for NL tournaments vol.1” its pretty good i had been playing for a few years before reading this one knew a lot of the stuff in it but its all very good.

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  2. ZCT Says:

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    Quite honestly, with that attitude, why bother? You have already taken the incredibly arrogant position that you probably don’t need to read a book. Despite the fact that some of these people who write the books have won millions at the game.

    Unless you are willing to accept you are not as good as you think you are, you will never improve.

    Doyle Brunson once said that he never plays a game of poker without learning something. And I’m sure a player as good as you doesn’t need to be reminded of his achievements.

    So my suggestion is you think about your attitude before you worry about poker books.

    Once you’ve done that, I recommend Sklansky and Harrington. Pretty much all the books they have written.

  3. feelzalot Says:

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    Love Brunson and these are older books but valuable Super Systems!! gottah love em.. I play every day all day and you are never that good, the best lose everyday especially online so get with the program! A big ego gets you nowhere but robbed !! So when can i take your $ where you play @ lol !!!!

  4. TheDoverPro Says:

    There is a new book out that explains Texas Holdem in terms of statistical probability. It takes a new approach by using a point count system, similar to the Goren point count system for Bridge. Many players are using it, and you should be aware of it if you run into players using this strategy.

    It is called the Texas Holdem Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy. Here is a link:

  5. bigg_spitt Says:

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    I would go with Super System 2. It covers tourney and sng strategy. If you don’t like that one try the one you are apparently qualified to write, it should tell you everything you already know.

  6. Nancy P Says:

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    You can read “Texas Hold ‘Em Secrets”. It can help you understand Hold’em at an advanced level and play in games with higher stakes. You can get this book at:

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