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How can you tell the difference between plastic and clay poker chips?

I just purchased a bunch of very old poker chips and think they are clay but I don 't know for sure. I 'm pretty sure they are not plastic, when shaving the edge of a chip that comes as a powder. The color seems to go completely. "Sure way to tell? Some of these chips are skipped, again, not like plastic. They sound rather dull when FIPP on a hard surface. I bought a blue 80 in a garage sale, 40 White, 20, and red 20. They were in a baggie in the zip lock in a litter box. Cost $ 1. There is a fancy design on both sides. They can be viewed here:

Posted by: cdb

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6 Responses to “Plastic and clay poker chips”

  1. Elaine F Says:

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    just the weight is different

  2. hugemarkus Says:

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    clay are heavier, and if you hit to clay chips lightly, there shouldnt be as much noise as with plastic chips

  3. Timmy Boy Says:

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    listen to the sound as they hit the table if you were to throw it up and let it fall. Clay should sound more…clayie,,, plastic should be more bouncey in a way and and a lot higher pitched. Also the weight clay should be heavier. if it is a powder when you shave the edges i think they are clay. I would say clay…i have had plastic before but switched to clay as i got more professional. I think you have clay. Plastic can crack easily try to crack it with your hand, clay you shouldnt be able to just with your hands. you do have clay=85-90%sure but you test it

  4. dj_substanc3 Says:

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    Very carefully

  5. patois Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Don’t be shaving on them anymore. They are valuable. My father’s collection is worth over half a million. Leave them alone until you know what you have. There are poker chip conventions routinely. Try attending one to learn more about chips. Bring your collection and let the traders gander at them. Don’t act dumb. They’ll treat you well and they’ll be honest about what you have. But, poker chips websites thoroughly cover every chip that has ever been made anywhere in the world and will list their “value”. Don’t go by those values too much because for that one missing chip, a trader will pay whatever it takes to have it. I may be talking through my nose, though, if you’re already a collector, but just in case you aren’t, you should know this stuff. Have fun. Poker chip collecting and trading is the hobby of kings. You’ll get to meet really interesting people.

  6. Says:

    The weight is different. The sound of the chips is also slightly different. Clay chips are also very difficult to break

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