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Google Tech Talks
November, 29 2007

Want to learn about how Texas Hold’Em can be more than just a game?

Come hear Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson and Harvard Law student Andrew Woods talk about the ways that poker can be used as a powerful tool for teaching core negotiation and business skills. Professor Nesson is the founder of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society (GPSTS), an organization focused on developing an academic curriculum using poker as a teaching tool. Professor Nesson and Mr. Woods believe that poker can be used to teach important life skills such as game theory, strategic thinking, risk assessment, and money management in an engaging and interactive way.

Speaker: Prof. Charles Nesson
Charles Nesson was born in 1939. He is a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the founder of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society (a research center which focuses on the legal study of cyberspace) and of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society. He is author of Evidence, with Murray and Green, and has participated in several cases before the Supreme Court, including Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals. In 1971, Nesson defended Daniel Ellsberg in the Pentagon Papers case. He was co-counsel for the plaintiffs in the case against W.R. Grace that was made into the film A Civil Action.

Nesson attended Harvard College as an undergraduate, and then Harvard Law School where he joined the list of only a handful of people in history to have graduated summa cum laude. Nesson was a law clerk to Justice John Marshall Harlan II on the US Supreme Court, 1965 term. He then worked as a special assistant in the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. His first case, White v. Crook, made race and gender-based jury selection in Alabama unconstitutional. Nesson joined the Harvard Law School faculty in 1966, and was tenured in 1969.

Video posted by: googletechtalks

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21 Responses to “Poker Teaches”

  1. lankeled38 Says:

    Can someone who thinks they figured out the riddle post the results?

    Charlie Nesson rocks!

  2. Metlahaed Says:

    wow, i figured the white hat red hat thing as it was being said, and im 19 are people really that retarded? bad video i wasted a lot of my time.

  3. SngFish1147 Says:

    old man is high 24/7 hahaha

  4. vietnamdude Says:

    well.. thanks u for clip

  5. twooutstwice Says:

    For all of you who play online poker but don’t use rakeback, realize that you have a huuuge leak. Each month you can be getting a portion of all the rake taken from the pots you were DEALT in. Thats right you don’t even need to be involved in the hand. Just be dealt in and fold…. Siick eh?


    replace * with .

  6. thegoonist Says:

    no. the two lecturers are from harvard. theyre the ones posing the questions. the ones theyre lecturing to arent from harvard. theyre google employees. listen carefully. zzzz.

  7. zxcfight Says:

    the whole red and white hat thing.
    I knew that before they did and i attend a a com college and they are harvard?

  8. terryhi Says:

    gambling doesn’t ruin lives, people ruin lives.

  9. wishmaster200 Says:

    ddd dx dcd

  10. pokerpro1078 Says:

    im a member of the ppa and was intersted to see this on here thx alot for the video .this is america we should be able to play poker thats it .you can bet sports that has no skill st all but cant play poker bull shit

  11. pokerpro1078 Says:

    99 percent of degenerate gamblers are not poker players thats a fact so learn your facts

  12. peterhill2008 Says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video. The speech of Professor Nesson and Andrew Woods were not only humorous, but also interesting and educational. I highly recommand it.

  13. carpediem111111 Says:

    Anstatt zu arbeiten kann man auch mit Poker Geld verdienen. Mit Aktions-Code FUNPOT auf Betfairpoker com registrieren und gleich mal 1000$ geschenkt bekommen.

  14. whantice Says:

    being a pro for a year now, I think you the right attitude for succes.

  15. 1ToNJaB Says:

    Ive learned alot about poker by watching this. Ive been obsessed with this game for about 16 months. The more I learn, the more I learn about myself and the society in general, thru internet poker and live play. I would say I am a little better than a break even player, in over 100,000 (cash)poker hands. I have learned a LOT about the mathmatics of poker thru internet, but nothing beats LIVE play. Live play will teach you a lot about yourself and the people you interact with in your life.

  16. freebankroll4U Says:


    Tu aimerais jouer au poker sans mettre un cent de ta poche, tout en apprenant et en t’améliorant ? Oui c’est possible, et ce n’est pas une arnaque !
    Envoie-moi un message, ça ne coûte rien, et je t’expliquerai avec plaisir

  17. freebankroll4U Says:


    Would you like to play poker online with up to 150$, without investing from your pocket while learning and improving ?
    Yes, it’s possible, believe me, no swindle!
    Send me a message, it will cost you nothing and i’ll explain you how with big pleasure!

  18. fredwoof Says:

    Of course you should play poker for fun until
    you get fairly good at it. Then switch to nickle/dime games & work your way up.

  19. xentan Says:

    To clarify:

    By in no way it is being guaranteed, i mean that there is in no way implied that you will learn anything for playing poker. You may, if you want to.

  20. xentan Says:

    Poker for free, in my oppinion, can not teach you as much as poker for _your_ money. Because there is no risk involved in the loss. I believe that it is this risk that helps us and tries to keep us from making mistakes at a poker table. There are other factors aswell, but risk in loss of money brings poker to a state of being serious.

    And it is in no way Guaranteed. Believe me! Thats why good players win money in the long run 😉

  21. b75ax Says:

    i love the indian accent

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