What are some unique tips for decorating a poker room?

What are some unique tips for decorating a poker room?

crazy_in_tangles asked:
Other than the standard green color, what are some paint colors and decorating themes I could use in my poker room?

10 tips for decorating your poker room

Creating a unique and comfortable atmosphere in your poker room is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. Here are some tips for decorating your poker room:

  1. Color scheme: While the traditional green color is common, you can experiment with other colors like deep red, blue, or even dark gray. Choose a color that complements the overall theme of your room and creates a relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Lighting: Opt for adjustable and ambient lighting to set the mood. You can use floor lamps, table lamps, or pendant lights to illuminate the room. Consider adding dimmer switches to control the brightness of the lights.
  3. Wall décor: Display framed poker-themed artwork, vintage casino posters, or photographs of famous poker players on the walls. Alternatively, you can create a gallery wall with a mix of artwork, mirrors, and memorabilia.
  4. Furniture: Invest in a high-quality poker table and comfortable chairs. If space allows, add a bar or side table for drinks and snacks. You can also include a seating area with sofas and armchairs for relaxing between games.
  5. Accessories: Enhance your poker room with themed accessories such as custom poker chips, playing cards, card shufflers, and dealer buttons. Display these items in decorative trays or glass cases.
  6. Flooring: Choose a comfortable and easy-to-clean flooring option, such as hardwood, laminate, or area rugs. You can also add a colorful rug under the poker table for a pop of color and added comfort.
  7. Window treatments: Opt for blackout curtains or blinds to control the amount of light entering the room and ensure privacy during games.
  8. Storage: Incorporate storage solutions for poker accessories, such as shelves, cabinets, or drawers. This will help keep the room organized and clutter-free.
  9. Personal touches: Add personal touches to the room, like custom coasters, personalized poker chips, or monogrammed card decks. This will make the space feel more like your own.
  10. Themed elements: You can also choose a specific theme for your poker room, such as a speakeasy, casino, or Old West saloon. Incorporate decorations and accessories that reflect the chosen theme for a cohesive and immersive experience.

Remember, the key to decorating a poker room is to create a comfortable and inviting space where you and your guests can enjoy playing the game.


  1. Mount a hanging light fixture over the table that throws the light down onto the table.

  2. A lot depends on the size of the room. If it’s a small room, I wouldn’t go with a dark color on the walls. It will make the room seem even smaller. You can use a dark color on one wall for an accent wall and maybe paint a mural of a winning hand (like a royal flush) on that wall to break up the dark color.

    If you have a poker table, try using the color of the felt for your accent color. I’ve seen them in various colors.

    Try highhanddesigns.com for accents for your walls. (or at least get some ideas for them)

  3. We have a pool room or as I cal it “Game room” and I went to all the thrift stores and bought board games. I then set them up as if someone was playing them,hot glued all the pieces and then hung them on the wall. I get so many compliments on them. Just an idea!

  4. paint a royal flush up on the wall.use all the colors that are in the cards for paint is there going to be a bar in there put photos over the bar and put a piece of plexi glass over the top so the photos are in between the bar and the plexi glass get a dart board for in there get a nice bear rug or some kind of shag carpet.use your imagination i am sure you have one.

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