What is a good brand of poker playing cards?

What is a good brand of poker playing cards?

Hey I ‘m 17 and seeking a cheap holiday present for my bro who is in university now. I know that loves the club and has a large set of integrated circuits, but his papers have always bent stock. I know that this is intrusive in order to appreciate a good package of cards. I ‘the VE has heard that the cards are really good as plastic coated or something and is highly resistant to damage and bend and stuff. Anyone have any suggestions on where I might find this article? Thank you!

Posted by: Kicks08

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  1. Bicycle makes a plastic (not just plastic coated) playing card that should last. You can buy them in nearly any drug or discount store for about $5 a deck.

  2. If your looking for really cheap ones go to a 99 cent store. If you are looking for better ones try bicycle.

  3. u s playing cards make several different decks that would be great and last a long time.. Most magicians use Tally-ho type and ellusionist.com offers some high quality cards for magic, so poker playing would be good too.

  4. If your looking for some really good decks I suggest Copaq. You can get a two pack for about $20. They are a little bit more than regulare decks but they will last for a really long time. I use mine about daily and they have lasted over two years.

  5. I have a few decks of KEM Arrow poker cards. They are widely regarded as the best, and most durable. I have found a great site, homepokertourney.com, with indepth reviews (I’m not affiliated with the site)

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