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What casino’s in Atlantic City have the biggest and most populated poker rooms?

Just doing some curious research about the Atlantic City poker scene. Is there a site that reports which casino’s are the most trafficked for poker?

Question asked by: tyzekiel

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4 Responses to “Atlantic City Casinos with most populated poker rooms”

  1. Jim Says:


    The Borgotta has the biggest and best poker rooms. Its also the newest and only super casino in AC

  2. ?CarolinaMommy? Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    I enjoyed ALL of them! Bounce around and go to them all. Find the one that suits you the best!

    Have fun!!! I know I did!!!

  3. FlipDoggy Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Borgata has the best poker room. There will always be an open seat because they have so many tables, but if there are no open seats, they open quickly. There are no other casinos with this size of room as well
    You have to realize though that the borgata is a much younger crowd. They talk alot, its a loud room, and every one there is alive and ready. just be prepared to play some good poker, or at least find the drunk sucker at the table.

    The taj mahal has a nice room, but everytime ive been there, i’ve had to wait a long time. Plus this is where most of the pro’s will show up, they’ll play here. also, new comers tend to come here, because it is one of the most popular casinos. it was in rounders. There is a wide range of ability here. you also just have to spot the sucker and run with his bank roll.

    The tropicana and harrahs i would compare. they are both, sort of small when compared to the others. They are both very quiet, and very relaxed. if you talk when you play here, it will annoy people and that can give you the upper hand in some occasions. you will also find that it causes people to attack you in hands.

    if you wanna play for a long time, id definitely say the borgata is the best.

  4. capiree Says:

    Website content

    the Borgata is the best

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