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How much money should i bring to a friendly poker game?

I 'm going to meet a set of p? Ker friendly with a new group of individuals in the church, about 5 of us. I think all have played the p? Ker with real money before, but not with this group. The organizers mentioned? that money should be brought to the game. A little surprised me, thinking that this be? Just For Fun n. I 'VE jug? the p? ker before, but no money involved, but I played the black cat before the money. However,? L wouldn 't be any diversity? N without playing for money. ? As? therefore cu? nt $ should I bring?

Posted by: VN

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8 Responses to “How much money should i bring to a friendly poker game?”

  1. andre t Says:

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  2. studgolfer93 Says:

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    Bring like a hundred bucks. Its not making you look rich but enough to have a good time.

  3. arshnoor R Says:

    you should bring 500000000

  4. shayan7805 Says:

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    If theres 5 guys and its just for fun bring around $200 cuz i know itl be more intresting with more at stake.

  5. FengHuaXueYue Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    some friendly poker games would have a buy in and then you just play with chips and the winner gets the pot that everyone payed into at beginng, atleast that’s how it was for all the games i’ve played. whoever’s running it should have guidelines set for all that before hand, since you wouldn’t want anyone going broke on a big hand or games that are too short because nobody brought enough money.

  6. Pris Says:


    Honestly, if it’s just a friendly social gathering, I’d bring $100 for poker max. I doubt the buy-in will be that much, if there even is a buy-in.

    In the friendly games I play, we usually gamble around with 20 bucks each and a lot of the times we end up just not bothering to cash anyone out so we leave with however much we came in with.

    But, if it’s a serious game, then go ahead and bring as much as you’re comfortable with since big stacks are a definite advantage.

  7. sincity usa Says:

    It depends on what kind of game you are playing in. Is it going to be a cash game or a tournament style game? Also what are the limits going to be, i.e a 2-4, 4-8 or higher game? I myself try to buy in for as much as i can in a no limit game, but in a limit game 30-50 times the blinds are a good start. Anytime you fall below 10 times the blinds you should start to panic. Most limit games have a cap on your buy-in anyways, so a 2-4 game the cap in most places is 100 bucks with a minimum 20 dollar buy-in, but it can be different from place to place. But since this is a friendly game buying in for 50-60 is good to get started although i would just go ahead and make a full buy-in right off the bat. If you guys are playing a tournament style game (sit n go’s) then there is usually a set buy in and you are given a set amount of chips to play with, these chips would have no cash value and the prize pool would be broken down to the top 2-3 players at the table when one player has all the chips. First is usually paid out half of the prize pool, and 2nd gets 30-35%, and third gets the rest.

  8. Says:

    It depends on what kind of friendly game you’re playing!

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