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What is the best place on line to find poker players?

I would like to start a consistant weekly home poker game. (Legal in my state)

What are the best places to find new players?

Question asked by: David L

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3 Responses to “Poker players online”

  1. JB Says:

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    geez… when you find out let me know.. I have been trying for a few months.. all my buddies suck (poker is for stupid people, poker is boring ect.). the only other regular game is an hour drive and is kinda pricey to do for fun weekly. I can’t always afford a $60-80 buy in per game with 3-5 games in a night.. I gotta family to feed : /

    of course it’s nice when I win.

  2. pokercoach Says:

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    Here’s one of the best place for you to find players in your city and state:

  3. all in on the flop Says:

    Website content

    nowhere. online poker blows balls. too many novice players and too many people playing unrealistic poker. all in every hand. i really hate it. your best bet is to ask around at work and see if you can get 2-3 consistent guys. it will build from there. you are better off joining someone elses thant starting one, though. that way if you wanna go home you just go, and you dont hafta clean up ur crib.

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