Poker players online

What is the best place on line to find poker players?

I would like to start a consistant weekly home poker game. (Legal in my state)

What are the best places to find new players?

Question asked by: David L


To find new poker players for a consistent weekly home poker game, you can try the following online platforms:

  1. Meetup is a popular platform for organizing various social events and activities, including poker games. You can create a new group or join an existing one in your area to find like-minded poker enthusiasts.
  2. Facebook: Search for local poker groups or create your own Facebook group to connect with potential poker players in your area. You can also post on local community pages to let people know about your weekly home game.
  3. Online poker forums: Poker forums like TwoPlusTwo ( and CardsChat ( are excellent places to connect with fellow poker players. You can create a thread about your home game or search for players in your area.
  4. Reddit: Visit the r/poker subreddit ( and create a post about your home game, making sure to include your location. You might find interested players in your area who would like to join your weekly game.
  5. Local poker clubs or casinos: If there are poker clubs or casinos in your area, you can visit them and network with other players. Let them know about your home game, and you might find players interested in joining.

When organizing a home poker game, always prioritize safety and privacy. Get to know the players before inviting them into your home, and ensure that all participants are aware of and follow the rules and etiquette of the game.