Octagon poker table vs Texas HoldEm

What should I consider when choosing between an octagon poker table and a Texas Hold Em style table?

The Mama, The Mama, The Mama, Yeah asked:
I want to buy a poker table or table top for my husband but know very little about the game. Which is better for playing poker at home with “the guys”? The classic poker table or the oblong Texas Hold Em style table- is it a matter of preference or does the shape of the table actually MEAN something?


When choosing between an octagon poker table and a Texas Hold ‘Em style table, there are several factors to consider, including the type of poker games your husband enjoys, the available space, and personal preferences. Here are some key points to help you decide:

  1. Type of poker games: If your husband and his friends mostly play Texas Hold ‘Em, a Texas Hold ‘Em style table would be more suitable. The oblong shape is designed for this specific game, with designated spaces for community cards and betting areas. However, if they play a variety of poker games, an octagon table might be more versatile.
  2. Space constraints: Consider the available space in your home where the table will be placed. Texas Hold ‘Em tables are larger and oblong, requiring more space, while octagon tables are more compact and can fit into smaller rooms more easily.
  3. Number of players: Octagon tables typically accommodate up to 8 players, whereas Texas Hold ‘Em tables can seat more players, usually around 10. Consider the size of your husband’s poker group when choosing a table.
  4. Personal preferences: The choice between an octagon table and a Texas Hold ‘Em table can also come down to personal preferences. Some people might find the octagon shape more aesthetically pleasing, while others may prefer the professional look of a Texas Hold ‘Em table.
  5. Tabletop vs. standalone table: If space is an issue or you don’t want a dedicated poker table, consider a tabletop version that can be placed on an existing table and removed when not in use. Both octagon and Texas Hold ‘Em style tabletops are available.

In summary, the choice between an octagon poker table and a Texas Hold ‘Em style table largely depends on the type of poker games your husband plays, the available space, the number of players, and personal preferences. Assess these factors to make an informed decision that best suits your husband’s needs.