Best casino to play poker at in Atlantic City?

What is the best casino to play poker at in Atlantic City?

Paris P asked:
Me and my buddy are pretty solid poker players (amateur, but better than the tourists who only watch on TV), and we are going to visit Atlantic City on either Friday afternoon or Saturday during the day (maybe both). I was just wondering if anyone has any opinions for the best casino?

Which casino has the best limit games, any tournaments on Friday night or Saturday morning, and finally, the best buffet (since we’ll be getting lunch or dinner in AC at some point). Thanks!

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  1. Borgota, Tropicana, and Taj Majal are your three best choices … I think Borgata has the best tournaments but you will find day and night tournaments at both with about 150 people. As far as limit games, they all have 2/4, 4/8, 5/10 … trop is famous for their pink chip game of 7.50/15 ,,,, and on the weekend you should be able to find 10/20 or 20/40 if that is what u want.

    The NL games are very loose at Borgata … 2/4 limit is loose at any of the above casinos

    Buffets … meh .. trop’s is good but is like 18 bucks … never had borgata’s

  2. Now this is a subject I can sick my teeth into:

    Best Limit Poker- Borgata. It has the nicest and largest room with the widest selection of games, and a decent amount of people with more money than knowledge. \

    Best Tournaments- Showboat (for low buy-ins). Showboat has daily tournaments at 11am, 2pm, 7pm and 11pm (call ahead 1800Harrahs to check buy-ins and make sure that the tournaments are going ahead…this weekend they canceled two because the poker room was so full). The buy-ins for Fri and Sat are in the 100-120 range. Hilton also has decent 75-100 tournaments. Borgata has higher buy-in tournaments on weekends and a wide range of Sit-N-Gos (from 60+15 to 250+20).

    Buffet- I had the brunch buffet at Borgata this weekend and everything was great. Also, the Bally’s Wild West Buffet is pretty good too.

    Good luck.

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