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What kind of salary does a poker dealer make?

I plan to go to school the merchant. What kind of salary a merchant's bat ago?

Posted by: customrides

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6 Responses to “What kind of salary does a poker dealer make?”

  1. uuummk Says:

    A good one depending on where you work. My aunt was one.

  2. california_fiona Says:

    phone the casinos, they know

  3. ZCT Says:

    Expect to get minimum wage plus tips. The upside is the tips can be very nice, but in many places you have to share a portion of your tips with various other poker room staff.

  4. closetcoon_fan Says:

    That’s too loaded of a question. You can make anywhere from $20,000 – $100,000 /yr. Completely depends on where you work. I’d say that $30-$40,000 is a good average though.

  5. ed b Says:

    just over 50,000 a year canadian

  6. curious connie Says:

    Minimum wage, plus tips, otherwise known as tokes.

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