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What is the secret to playing poker professionally?

I try to fight to make a living bat of the game but I know it 's possible. What 's the secret?

Posted by: jajogluck

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5 Responses to “What is the secret to playing poker professionally?”

  1. chlsdvs Says:

    practice practice practice and get your name out there

  2. dlbalderston089 Says:

    People who are successful at something as stressful as poker have more than just the mechanics of the game under control. They also have the mental discipline as well. I’m not so sure that’s something you can be taught.

  3. BoredAtWork Says:

    My mom plays at party and they actually have contests where the winner gets a seat in the world series.

  4. Scrumptious Says:

    Play tight. Practice. Read some good books on poker. Don’t play like they do on TV! Keep your day job…and practice some more.

  5. Benji Man Says:

    I have seen many interviews with poker players and almost all of them have said to build up a bankroll before you quit your job until you have a couple years worth of income to support your bills while you try to make a living off of gambling. You can build up your bankroll by playing online and treat it like a second job, everyday for a couple hours a day. This building up of your bankroll will also give you practice. As your bankroll becomes larger, don’t splurge on fancy items quite yet as that money has to sustain you for awhile as you will have many days where yo uwill lose money, and not win. When you feel you are ready to play bigger tournaments in person, start out at neighborhood bars that maybe running tournaments (poker bar leageu for one) as it will give you another chance to learn how to read people and more practice. Once you feel confident there, make your move into the various casinos around the country, if you are under 21, you can play Poker in MN casinos.

    Good Luck

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