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Where can i buy a good home poker table?

roman9555 asked:
I would like it less than 350$, so I dont need a really really nice one. Maybe to seat 5-7 people? Green felt, maybe spaces for our chips? Any one know a site that sells somewhat cheap poker tables?

Im having a birthday part in 30 days, Im a huge poker player and so are most of my friends, so thats going to be the theme of my party. Anyone have any ideas how to have a fun themed poker party?

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4 Responses to “Where can i buy a good home poker table?”

  1. true stud Says:

    is a good place. there r some expensive ones and some not. so there you go please give me 10 points if you like it.

  2. ZCT Says:

    Amazon actually has quite a few.

    They have everything from a folding table, table topper right down to some cloth you can stretch over an existing table.

  3. Joe Says:

    Hope this helps
    Good luck!

  4. no_moore Says:

    Here ya go on the poker tables…

    Good luck.

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