Where can i buy a good home poker table?

Where can i buy a good home poker table?

roman9555 asked:
I would like it less than 350$, so I dont need a really really nice one. Maybe to seat 5-7 people? Green felt, maybe spaces for our chips? Any one know a site that sells somewhat cheap poker tables?

Im having a birthday part in 30 days, Im a huge poker player and so are most of my friends, so thats going to be the theme of my party. Anyone have any ideas how to have a fun themed poker party?


You can find good home poker tables at various online retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, or specialized stores like BBO Poker Tables and Wayfair. These sites offer a range of poker tables at different price points, including options under $350. Make sure to read customer reviews and check the specifications to ensure you are purchasing a table that meets your requirements.

For your poker-themed birthday party, consider these ideas:

  1. Decorate: Use poker-themed decorations, such as playing card garlands, casino-style tablecloths, and poker chip centerpieces. You can also use green, red, and black balloons to match the theme.
  2. Dress code: Encourage guests to dress up as if they were attending a casino night, wearing their best attire or even dressing as famous poker players or characters from casino-themed movies.
  3. Snacks and drinks: Serve casino-style snacks like pretzels, popcorn, mixed nuts, and finger foods. You could also have a themed cocktail menu with drinks named after popular poker terms, such as “The Royal Flush” or “The Full House.”
  4. Multiple tables: If you have enough space and tables, set up multiple poker stations so everyone can play at the same time, rotating players and allowing for a variety of games.
  5. Tournament style: Organize a poker tournament with a bracket system or use a timer to increase the blinds periodically. You can also offer small prizes or trophies for the top finishers.
  6. Teach and learn: If some of your guests are not experienced poker players, consider having a designated area or time for teaching them the basics before the games begin.
  7. Music: Create a playlist of poker and casino-themed songs to set the mood and keep the atmosphere lively.

Remember to plan in advance and send out poker-themed invitations, so your guests know the theme and dress code for the party. Enjoy your poker birthday party!


  1. is a good place. there r some expensive ones and some not. so there you go please give me 10 points if you like it.

  2. Amazon actually has quite a few.

    They have everything from a folding table, table topper right down to some cloth you can stretch over an existing table.

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